VICE SPIRITS was created purely on the need for something better.

VICE SPIRITS offers the first and only ultra-premium cocktail in a can. We use only natural ingredients and have complex flavor profiles to tantalize the most discerning of palates. No one is single noted, so why should a cocktail in a can be?

We are a Toronto-born brand that was in the making for several years before taking flight. The current market is flooded with single-note “seltzers” that use an abundance of artificial sweeteners, have a lack of taste and little personality.

We offer a new and exciting cocktail that you will keep coming back to, without the guilt of over-indulgence. We knew we wanted something that was flavour forward without being too sweet. We wanted it to be light and refreshing but still have a burst of complex flavour. After several years of research, product testing, and taste profiling we are proud to present our line-up of the best and only ultra-premium cocktails in a can, period.

Our Essence

Gluten-free, natural flavours and
Alc. Vol.
1.5 gr
Cane Sugar
Award Winning
6x x
Distilled Vodka

Join the Vice Family

We are currently hiring for:

PR Manager, Toronto

US Marketing Director- East coast (based in Ft Lauderdale, Florida)

US Marketing Director- West Coast (based in California)